Lace Front & Back



I was minding my business, looking around in this store in Harlem called High Energy and I spotted this lace motorcyle jacket and I knew that I had to have it. I’ve always loved lace and to see it in the form of something as “tough” as a motorcyle jacket, made it a must have!

I kept it in my closet for a few months because as soon as I got it home, it struck me–I wasn’t sure how to wear it. I wanted to keep it simple, so the first time I rocked it with a white top underneath and a black skirt. I hated it. So this time, I decided to do all black.


I love tights and I finally found the ones on my wishlist! I thought adding a little lace look to the back of my legs would help coordinate with the jacket without going overboard. These are from Avenue for 2 for $12.

Since I felt like such a bad@$$, I decided to put a pop of color on my lips with some red lipstick. Typically, the only makeup I am a fan of is eyeshadow, but in trying lipstick, I found it a fun and easy way to sass up any look. The necklace was a gift from H&M. I love the way it looks almost like plexiglass.


I paired the jacket with a black mini from Forever 21+ for $9.80, a black top from Pay/Half for $7, fishnets with lace details on the back and suede booties from Avenue for under $40.

Lace is such a fun and feminine way to dress up anything. I am absolutely in love with lace. I’m wishing I would have worn this with a tank so that can you see the pattern of the lace on my arms. Oh well, you live and you learn!


There’s so many ways to wear it. How do you wear your lace?


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  1. girl i love how you did this outfit up! and for so cheap too! i need to go shopping with you! lace is sometimes tricky, and you def didn't go overboard w the lace tights being that the rest was solid. And red lipstick is FUN when you are actually able to rock it. 🙂 btw you look great girlfriend!

  2. I like this look. Very NYC chic. Great look for a night out on the town!

  3. Your Such A Sexyass Babe 🙂

  4. This outfit is so cute. I love the bright lips too.

  5. This post is kind of awesome! I would never think to pair the lace pattern tights with the jacket. Even though you are rocking all black everything, the statement is fierce!

  6. Seriously everyone, I can't thank you all enough! ❤ Next time I rock the jacket, I will make sure the lace is fully apparent. 🙂

  7. LOVE IT SIS!!!

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