Bitchie Life: Exclusive Interview With Eric Williams: The Man Behind The “Reality” Of Jennifer Williams


You’ve probably cracked a few jokes about this man, shared leaked naked pictures of his wife with your friends and even made harsh criticisms about his marriage, but you don’t know former NBA player and Basketball Wives’ hubby Eric Willams. Marriage is an unpredictable feat that sometimes ends in the worst possible way—divorce: A sad conclusion for such a seemingly blissful event. Imagine living out your separation and divorce on camera for all the world to see.

In the first season of Basketball Wives, Jennifer and Eric decided to stay together and there seemed to be hope it would work out, but this season their relationship bended to a breaking point and Jennifer has been all over the blogs, radio—you name it—talking about their marriage. Eric has been slowly opening up, which was apparent two episodes ago on Basketball Wives when he told Jennifer to get a divorce lawyer. He joined Twitter (@OC2000–the “OC” stands for Original Creation) and now he’s chatting with Bitchie Life.

Someone once told me there were three sides to a story: His side, her side and the truth. We’ve heard Jennifer’s side. Now, hear Eric’s. In this exclusive interview, Eric opens up about how he feels about what’s going on between him and Jennifer, what makes him a better man now and what he’s looking for in his next mate. There’s a lot more to the mysterious, yet straightforward athlete than you may have thought you knew.

Bitchie Life: What happened to make things go down hill?

Eric Williams: Infidelities and not being able to move on from the past. I made mistakes, a lot of people do, but at the same time, to go forward with this thing, you’ve got to learn to let that shit go. With a combination of me doing what I did multiple times and her not wanting to release things I did in the past—you put those things together and chemistry starts going south. You let whisperers come into your ear, and you’re confiding in your miserable friends; that’s when shit gets really messed up. That’s where we’re at right now. Ulterior success is at hand. She’s getting a lot of moral support from fans and the inner circle she’s got. [laughs] That takes away from getting to the meat and potatoes of the problem.

Bitchie Life: Were you ever in love with Jennifer? There’s never any real chemistry between you two on camera…

Eric Williams: Yeah, we were. In the beginning, things were great. There were a few infidelities here and there. We had ups and downs, but we didn’t get married until after I was out of the NBA. We had a lot of great times. It’s only been lately that things are going south.

Bitchie Life: I remember in the first season, there was a girl that Jennifer and Evelyn called, “Plastic Surgery.” I guess she had some connections with you. She called your marriage to Jennifer a business arrangement. Do you see it that way?

Eric Williams: I don’t know what the fuck kind of business that is. I’m not making any money from it. [laughs] She said that because that’s just women and their catty shit. I met this girl one time at a Pro-Bowl party and she was working. She gave me her credentials as a TV personality and working with over 400 clubs. I was thinking, by me being a merchant with my own credit card processing company, this was an opportunity to get some accounts. So, therefore, it was a business relationship. The only relationship I ever had with this woman was an initial business conversation. The only thing that I fucked up with—if I did fuck up—I went back home and Googled her because I wanted to make sure she was who she said she was. Google keeps a history, so Jennifer saw that and came blasting me out, asking if I knew her, saying I fuck everyone, blah, blah, blah.

Bitchie Life: Did you?

Eric Williams: If I did, she would have had better ammo than saying my marriage was a business arrangement. [laughs] She could have been like, “Yeah, I fucked him!” What woman wouldn’t take her chance to shine when it comes to something like that? She didn’t have ammo because there was none, period.

Bitchie Life: How do you feel about the way the show has portrayed you and your relationship with Jennifer?

Eric Williams: Listen, I don’t give a rat’s ass how that show came out. Everyone’s got an opinion. I’ve noticed in this world that bad guys are the ones that finish first. I relish to be the asshole of the year.

Bitchie Life: You once said that if a woman has to go beyond to secure her position as a lady or wife, then she should do it with pride. What do you mean by that?

Eric Williams: If your man has a high appetite for certain things, then you should know that and suffice his appetite, no matter what it is. You’ve got women wanting men to go above and beyond for them and at the same time, you need to do that for your man. If you do the necessary things you did from the beginning and carry that throughout, then it’s going to make for a happy home. That’s it.

Bitchie Life: Do you think women go into relationship with celebrities, expecting them to cheat?

*read Eric’s response and the rest of the interview here*

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