What’s Yours Is Mine

If it’s one thing that the Frugal Fatshionista loves, it’s FREE FABULOUS CLOTHES! Last weekend, fellow fatshionista, NettaP had a plus clothing swap. I’ve never been to one before, so when I realize what it was, I was sold. Giving away things you no longer wear and getting new clothes that you don’t have to pay for–genius idea! Boy, am I glad I went! Here are just a few of the pieces I scored. Maybe I’ll do a part two for the rest of the pieces I swapped.

When I spotted this dress on the rack, I thought it was a top. I was planning on pairing it with slacks/skirt and blazer for work. Imagine my surprise when I slipped it on and realized it was a dress or maybe even a tunic. But you know I’m gonna wear it like a dress.

I couldn’t resist pairing it with my favorite lace tights. I will more than likely wear this with a blazer or cardigan. The dress is from Forever 21.


I love mustard yellow. The color compliments my skin tone so well. This dress was practically mine the minute I saw it on the rack. It’s from Ashley Stewart and fits like a glove.

I also got the scarf from the swap. I love the mix of reds and yellows and this scarf is the epitome of that. I ove scarves–you can do so much with them. I’ve recently gotten into doing turbans. The belt is also from the swap. I used my red flower petals as a broche.

I wouldn’t have looked at this dress twice, but Netta decided that it would look fab on me, so I tried it. I then realized just why Netta is a stylist–her eye is insane! This dress fits me sooooo beautifully! It’s an Alex piece.

I feel so elegant, like I need to go to a ball or something. I want to dress this dress down with a jean jacket an some flats maybe? Not sure yet. Netta says I’m going to meet my husband in it and I should go to the grocery store with it.

I have always wanted a sweater dress with this type of droopy turtleneck neckline. You can do so much with them–wear it like a hood or just play with it as a turtleneck.

This pretty blue sweater dress is from Banana Republic. What tickles me pink is that I got it for free! I absolutely LOVE clothing swaps! More please!

Have you ever been to a clothing swap? What’s some of the your favorite pieces you’ve scored?


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  1. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, love it sis!!!!!

  2. Pretty Girl Rock Rock Rock…YOU BETTER WORK!!!

  3. LOL thanks loves! ❤ This is the most frugal I've EVER been! FREE CLOTHES!

  4. great finds! see you at the next one.

  5. Wow! You are working these looks. I so loooooooooooove it all.

  6. @Asha I hope so! And @Alissa THANK YOU! ❤ I got a lot of good things. I may post up something tomorrow 😉

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