NECOLEBITCHIE.COM//All The Single Ladies: Are Women Wasting Their 20’s Being Single?

The other day, my homegirl told me, “You’re going to be single for the rest of your life if you keep brushing these men off!” I laughed, but the thought resonated with me because I have been brushing dudes off left and right. Why? I’ve been up to my neck in my career and focusing on moving up the proverbial ladder and dating all the wrong men have turned me into a hardly recognizable jaded shell of myself that’s been left bruised and battered. And now, I’m just plain uninterested.

Ladies, just so you know, we need to be careful because we can get comfortable in our independence. Most of the time, we use our single days to focus on ourselves and shaping the lives we fantasize about and we forget that having someone to share it with is certainly the cherry atop life’s sundae. Many of us have been taught by our mothers to keep distractions **read the rest of the article here**

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