NECOLEBITCHIE.COM//Love the Knight Life-Interview with Keshia Knight Pulliam

Let it be known that I respect any woman that can keep it 100 percent professional when working with the hunk of chocolate love that is Lance Gross. Keshia Knight Pulliam gets to kiss all over him, while playing his wife and mother of his only child on “House of Payne.” Can I have your job? I don’t know one woman who wouldn’t trade lives with Keshia—if only for one night! The former Cosby kid is living the good life; she’s an award-winning actress, has her own production company, non-profit and her positive outlook on life shines golden through her aura. She’s got it all, just not someone to share it with…yet. Keshia believes in and is holding out for a tailored love—meaning she’s waiting on her perfect fit. But she’s got plenty to keep her busy in the meantime. Keshia chit-chatted with Bitchie Life about Raven-Symone, what she wants in a man and what type of reality show she would sign up for.

A Conversation With Keshia Knight Pulliam:

What’s going on with you?

We’re back to work on the new season of “House of Payne—“ really that’s taking up most of my time. It just got picked up for 40 more episodes. We’re going to finish that in, like, four months, which is crazy in terms of the time frame, but we’ll get it done. I have my own production company and I’m also working on a non-profit [laughs] so I do keep busy. I’m going to start doing all the ground work for that.

Do you feel as though the black woman is represented in the right way in newer sitcoms that are coming out?

I don’t think we’re homogenous, though. We’re all individuals with different interests, so there is no one right way to show a black woman. The key is having diversity and showing the beautiful colors of our personalities and interests. That’s the good thing about having multiples images on TV, you see all the complexities of us as women. That’s what’s really important.

Tell me about the non-profit.

It’s basically about building self-esteem in young girls through the use of performing arts. It’s something I wanted to do for a long time. I knew I needed to just go ahead and do it. I know this is something that is going to be beneficial. Acting is what I do and what I know. I definitely see it being beneficial. You look at these young girls growing up; it’s very much a society of emulating what they see, almost like role playing. So, I think you can use that in reverse with a positive spin.

What are you working on with your production company?

Right now, I’m working on a sitcom that’s half an hour, adventure-driven. It’s cool. I’m trying to get that to TV because there’s not enough of that quality TV that talks about different aspects like Sex and the City. We haven’t had that candid, this-is-what-it’s-like-with-the-girls kind of conversations. It needs to be done in a cinematography standpoint where it’s clean, fresh and vivacious. I’m definitely working on it at this point. It’s a business, so getting all the backend of things and support is hard. But I am definitely pitching and I’ve had some great meetings, so we’ll see what happens.

You’re recognized as Rudy constantly, I’m sure. Do you feel you’ve been stuck in a box as Rudy or have you been able to propel yourself out of it?

**read Keshia’s response and the rest of the interview here**

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