Mad Hatter

I never really shop at Urban Outfitters, but I actually do like a few things here and there. When my bestie wanted to go when we were walking through Georgetown in D.C. last weekend, I figured I’d look through the accessories, clearance of course.

I found this lovely hat, marked down to $9.99 from $34. Once I got to the register, I was informed that it was $3.49!

I built an outfit around the hat. I paired it with my vintage fuschia blazer from Salvation Army near Union Square. I got the blazer on a Wednesday, which is evidently half off day, so I paid $11 for the blazer.

I’m wearing two paires of tights, one fuschia pair and the other is this cool diagonal pattern–both from Avenue 2 for $12. I’m wearing a flared black and white button up and of course belted the look. The blazer is really big on me, so I may end up getting it tailored so I won’t have to belt it all the time.

I absoutely love this hat and can’t wait to wear it more. It reminds me of an old lady’s church hat. I always thought those hats were fierce and now I’ve got my own!

Do you like funky hats?



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  1. Yes! Love the hat! Love the pink coat! Good post!

  2. LOVING IT! You look great in this outfit! I am awful with hats especially now with my locs but this one makes me want to venture and try SOMETHING!

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