Black Tie Affair

I love bow ties, but I don’t own any. I need to change that. Looks like I’m wearing one, doesn’t it? It’s not–it’s actually a pin that came with my birthday dress from last year.

Clever–huh? I’d like to think so. My obsession with sequins has been growing. When I spotted this back sequin skirt on the clearance rack at Avenue ($15), I knew no matter what, it’d be mine. It was actually two sizes too big, but I surely didn’t care. That was nothing a belt couldn’t fix.

I paired the fancy skirt with a blue grey button up (Rainbow $5) for a little simplicity. The skirt does enough on it’s on to be able to be paired with something simpler.

Simple black tights (Avenue 2 for $12) and black sandals (Payless $15) completed the look.

I now know I need more sequin skirts in my life. It’s the perfect balance of fun and fancy. You can dress them up or down and I love any piece that you can do that with. I’m definitely going to be carrying this skirt into the summer too!

How do you rock your sequins?


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