NECOLEBITCHIE.COM//Exclusive Interview: Royce Reed Talks Shaunie O’Neal, Returning To Basketball Wives & Staying Relevant


Basketball Wives cast member, Royce Reed just wants to set the record straight.

Let’s just make one thing clear–Shaunie O’Neal knows how to make lingering good TV. The second season of Basketball Wives is over, but the drama is far from a finale. Shaunie wanted to make sure we all knew that Royce was replaceable and that her drama was an extension of trying to remain relevant. Well, Royce isn’t taking this one lying down. She’s reached out to us, wanting to tell her side. This is one time where I’m not mad at the he she said, she said. Royce claims to be one of the realest cast members of Basketball Wives, so let’s see what she has to say about being replaced for the third season, what exactly happened over All-Star Weekend and why she feels relevant without having to name drop.

-Danielle Young

What happened between you and the rest of the Basketball Wives cast over All-Star Weekend?

I honestly have no idea. I was minding my own business and started getting all these messages on Twitter about drama. I never messed with Shaunie’s man. We have actually never even held a full conversation let alone follow each other or Twitter or exchanged numbers. I actually laughed when I heard the story because y’all should’ve known right away it was false when they mentioned expensive shoes. Y’all know I love my Nikes.

Then why is the entire cast so mad at you?
It’s not the entire cast. Last I checked I was fine with Shaunie until I saw the interviews she’s been doing. But I’m cool with most the cast to be honest. It doesn’t consist of three people.

Did you ban the cast from the events you were hosting at All Star Weekend?
No and they all know that. It was an invitation only event and I was just the host. They made the guestlist, not me and we actually saw one of Shaunie’s PR reps at the Glam Glow Sports Spa Event on Friday who said Shaunie was fully aware she was invited.

Are you creating drama with the cast because you think you’re going to be replaced?

**read Royce’s response and the rest of the article here**

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