NECOLEBITCHIE.COM//The Blame Game: Taking Responsibility For Failed Relationships

How often have you heard a group of women each bashing their significant other [cosigning each other’s complaints] in some way, sounding as if they’re already one foot out the door of the relationship? “He’s a liar! He’s a cheater!” Well, what about you? It can’t always be the man’s fault. Let’s stop playing The Blame Game ladies and take a little responsibility for our own actions.

Why is it that we don’t like to look within to pinpoint some of our own faults? Maybe we all have this princess complex that we’ve carried around since childhood, feeling entitled to the world and are left feeling disappointed when a man offers us anything less than. I can name off at least five common faults off the top of my head that most women have possessed at some point in time.

  • Whining/Freak Outs–It never wins. We zero in on one thing that bothers us and explain (read: complain) to our man over and over how it’s bothersome and we whine. You may think you’re bringing this up in some kind of open communication, but it always comes off as whining.
  • Pressure–We forget to have fun and relax in relationships sometimes and end up putting pressure on the dude to commit. He may have been fully ready to do so, but our pushing left a sour taste in his mouth.

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