Casual Fridays: Birds Of a Feather

I was walking around the city on a rainy day with my girl Steffany and we both spotted an accesories store in Herald Square. Being the curious girls we are, we decided to go in and check it out. Almost immediately, I was drawn to this necklace, both because it was so fly (pun intended) and it was only $2.99! My kinda price.

When making a statement with your jewelry, it’s always best to keep the clothing simple. I decided to pair the necklace with a plain black top from Pay/Half for $8. I added a little toughness with my faux leather bomber from Rainbow for $15.

The other day, I was spring cleaning my closet and I was shocked that I was acutally able to go shopping in there. There were things I hadn’t seen in years and forgot I even had–including these trousers. I believe I got them a few years back from Rainbow and I’m sure I didn’t pay anymore than $10 for them. They’re a bit long, so I may end up cuffing them.

I added some color with a red clutch (a gift from my roomie), red snakeskin flats from Avenue for $20 and a red belt (from a tunic I’d gotten from Rainbow for $7). This outfit is perfectly casual, but has a bit of sass, just in case you end up going for drinks or something with no time to change after work.

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  1. I love it! I've been a lil afraid to go with Feathered accessories but I did see some cute feather earrings the other day, now I think I may go back and get them. Thanks boo!

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