Casual Fridays: Turban Me On

My bestie recently got back from Barcelona and he brought me back this scarf. I should have taken a photo of it all spread out. It’s huge! I love it.

It’s simple, but I love the colors together–black, white, red & blue. I instantly thought of pairing it with my red vintage blazer.

When i was spring cleaning my closet earlier this week, I came across this skirt I bough from Rainbow for $5. At the time that I bought it, it was way too tight and short. Now, it fits me perfectly fine. (Well, maybe still a little short lol!) I thre on my black cowboy-esque boots from Avenue for $32.50.

I am in love with turbans. I’ve always collected scarves, so now I have a new way of wearing my prettiest ones. Do you love rocking a turban every now and again?

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  1. Nice Photos Cutieface, I'm Loving Those Sexyass Legs & Thighs 😉

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