NECOLEBITCHIE.COM//Exclusive Interview With Big Sean: The G.O.O.D., The Bad & The Freaky


Big Sean discusses signing with Kanye, sending d*ck pictures and having a life coach.

What would make you give up a full ride to college? Kanye West signing you to his G.O.O.D. Music label perhaps? Big Sean has been putting in work since a chance meeting with Kanye in 2005. Kanye only allowed Sean to spit 16 bars, but after 10 minutes, Kanye liked what he heard and he eventually signed with Good Music in 2007.

Since then, Big Sean has hit the ground running, giving us three delicious appetizers in his mixtapes, Finally Famous Vol. 1: The Mixtape, Vol. 2: UKnowBigSean and Vol. 3: BIG. Now, Kanye’s protégé is poised and ready to hit us with the main course–his debut album, Finally Famous: The Album, due out next month

Big Sean’s been pretty busy traveling the U.S., promoting his album with a few performance dates, but he still managed to free up some time to chat with Necole Bitchie about his new album, what he wants in Ms. Right and just how emotional women [and men] can get, among a few other juicy topics.

-Danielle Young (@Rhapso_DY)

NecoleBitchie: 2010 was a crazy year for you, what was your most memorable moment?

Big Sean: It’s been so many. Probably the B.E.T cipher–that was one of my most memorable moments because that was the first time all eyes were on me for however many seconds that was. That was a great look and to be with legends like Common, Kanye and Pusha T, spitting and n*ggas being like, ‘Damn you killed it,’ was one of my highest moments.

I talked to my grandmother and she said, “You just looked so good up there”. That almost made me cry.

Necole Bitchie: You have a new album coming out this Spring. Who would you like to collaborate with?

Big Sean: At first, I wanted everybody to be on my album like Drake, Kanye and Pharell, but now I want it to be more of me and give people more of just me. I feel like your first album is your introduction, so all the features I have on there now just makes sense for the actual, song as opposed to me just pulling my stunt card just to get in there.

Necole Bitchie: Tell me, how did you meet Kanye and eventually get signed?

Big Sean: Kanye was down at Hot 102.7 in Detroit promoting his album. At the time, they had a show called “Friday Night Cypher Day.” So, n*ggas would get together and rap & whoever won the battle would get to rap on air. So I did that for like months and I was in high school and developed a good relationship with the station

So when he was down there promoting his album, I just faked

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