Casual Fridays: Silver Lining

I’ve got to be the biggest advocate of Netta P’s Plus Clothing Swap. I’ve been twice and each time, found some awesome pieces, like this white t-shirt dress with silver details.


I absolutely love the easy feel of a t-shit dress. I usually don’t buy them, but in dropping some weight, I’m a lot more comfortable with rocking form-fitting dresses.



I kept it simple and  paired it with a pair of black tights from Forever 21+ for $4.80! Love that place.

I’m not sure where the dress is from. I’m not very familiar with the tag, but as soon as I find out, I’ll put it here.

I had the perfect earrings from Rainbow to coodrinate with the dress. Since the pattern on the dress is metallic and leaflike, I decided to wear my silver leaf earrings with it. Perfect fit.

Are you a T-shirt dress lover? How do you dress it up or down?


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  1. You look wonderful!

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