Oh Pop Peacock!

Get it? Pop Peacock. Poppy cock. Lol. I know you got it. When I spotted this peacock brocade skirt from Anthropolgie at Re/Dress on a shopping trip with Alissa of Stylish Curves, I knew I had to have it. The $16 price tag as a bit steep for me, but just look at it.

You know you wouldn’t have resisted either! The shape of it is to die for–the pleating and the volume. I love it.

Curvy girls, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t wear something voluminous because it’s going to make you look bigger. When the silhouette is right, it doesn’t matter. The cinching of the waist of the skirt is ideal.

I paired it with a brown button up (that’s actually a dress) from Rainbow for $7. I added my pretty peacock feather necklace from Forever 21 for $4.80. I finished the look with a pair of espadrille wedges from Payless. I got them so long ago, I don’t even remember the price.


This skirt is perfect for spring. I love pretty dresses and skirts when the weather’s nice. What’s your favorite thing to rock in the spring?

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  1. SEXY- you lookin amazing ma!

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