Smooth As Silk

My girl Lexy over at BeautyFash has a saying, “If it’s silk and vintage, it’s coming home with me.” That’s exactly how I felt when I found this 100% Silk blazer at Re/Dress in Brooklyn for $20. As you should know by now, it’s one of my favorite places to go for vintage.

The brand is August Silk and I must say, it feels fantastic! Now I know why people spend a little extra dough on their clothes. More expensive fabrics make you feel so fancy!

I paired the look with my favorite new shows from Barefoot Tess. Yes, another pair of Oxfords ($69)!

I got this slouchy, flowy top years ago from Rainbow for $10 and have always loved the pattern on it, so I’ve never gotten rid of it. The good thing about this kind of top is that, it works even when you lose weight! That’s a major problem I’ve been having lately. When I lose a few more inches, certain things stop fitting me in a flattering way because it’s too big. This top is designed to be that way. Loves it!

I paired the top with a pair of shorts that did NOT fit a few months ago. I scored these awesome shorts from Conway for $7. Of course I had to keep the legs covered because for some reason, spring’s not ready yet in NYC.

Since it’s been quite windy and rainy, I chose to use my men’s hat from H&M $12 as protection from the unpredictable weather.

How do you keep is sassy in rainy weather?

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  1. Looking Very Yummy 😉

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