You Better Work!

How To Dress To Get The Job

Oh job interviews. Gotta love ’em, right? Well, I actually do. Interviews give you a chance to show exactly who you are and why you rock to an employer. Putting your best foot forward is necessary–not only in what you say, but what you wear. I am in the creative field, so I’m allowed to have a bit of fun in my interview gear and not be so suit and tie.

I paired a white ruffle chiffon top from Ashley Stewart for $7 on clearance with a pair of khaki slacks from Rainbow for $10. Of couse I had to add some color, so I topped it off with a purple blazer from Ashley Stewart for $17 and a coral and purple scarf from Forever 21 as a belt ($8).

I finished the look with some adorable brown platform heels from Avenue for $30 on sale.

How do you add in your personality to your business wear?

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  1. Hi! I love this look and its theme. The fact that you pulled together this chic interview look under $100 (including shoes) is amazing! Great job – love seeing your outfit posts!!

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