Apples to Oranges

I’m not a big orange-lover. I never seek out the color, but I do love coral, which is a shade of orange. But when I spotted this burnt orange jumpsuit ($24.99) at the KMart Fashion Blogger Brunch, I knew I would own it.

I paired this jumpsuit with a brown, gold and apple-ish knotted belt from Ashley Stewart for $10 with a 30% off coupon. Gotta love those!

I added my brown cropped blazer from Rainbow ($10) for a more professional look, since I wore this to a really important second interview. I added the gold necklace from Avenue for $5.

My aunt gave me this nice yellow-toned Estee Lauder bag that I thought coordinated perfectly with the outfit, bringing out the warmer tones. I absolutely love tying a scarf on my bag, especially when it ties in the colors of my ensemble together. This scarf I used was a gift from my old coworker.

All in all, I felt as though this outfit was a perfect mix of trend and professionalism. Here’s to hoping I land the job! How do you add in trends to your work look?


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  1. Firstly, I love the hair in this post! It gives the outfit a really cool and free vibe that is perfect for summer. The color looks amazing on you and the gold accessories make it a bit more glam. The jacket and bag brings it back to daytime – making it the perfect stylish look for a meeting. You look, as always FAB. Im always super shocked at the cost of the looks you put together. get it gurl!

  2. I love orange – the new black according to moi – and how lovely the color combo with the stone blazer. I would wear this, totally.

  3. I am in love with this outfit. It works so well for you. The color is great! love this!…new follower!

  4. Thank you so much ladies. And welcome Shay! ❤

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