Cruise Control

The internet is so clever, always showing you ads on the side of your screen of things it knows you’ll like. They got me with OneStopPlus’ cruise pants. I just had to click. The $24 price tag had me a bit curious.

It wasn’t until I went back to the site a few days later and noticed the pants were buy one, get one and you know what I did. I bogo-ed these adorable cruise pants. I also got them in a pale coral.

I’ve never heard of cruise pants, but I am sure glad I got them. They’re almost like work slacks, but the short capri style of them gives them a little bit of funky.

I paired the pale purple cruise pants with a floral patterned chiffon-esque top from Rainbow for $7. I’m sure it’s supposed to tie in the back, but I love tying it in the front. I have a purple belt on in the photo, but after I took these, I found the skinny brown belt I was looking for.

I am absolutely in love with these pants. Look for a post with the twin pink pair soon. Thanks OneStopPlus!

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  1. You look super cute in those pants. I could not pull them off.

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