Gings of New York


Gingham has got to be one of my favorite prints. It’s got such a vintage look to it. I just love it. So of course when I spotted these pants at Re/Dress NYC, I wanted to take them home with me, but I left them. To my surprise when I went back two months later, the pants were still on the rack, so I definitely took them this time. Oh and the best part is, they only cost me a couple of pairs of shorts that I sold to Re/Dress that day!

With the $20 price tag, I resisted for a minute, but then once I realized how adorable these cropped Gingham pants were, I needed to make the purchase. I paired the pants with my blue silky button-up from H&M by way of Netta P’s Clothing Swap.

I love the color combination of red, white, black & blue, so added the red details–flower pin (99 Cent Store–made it myself from a fake flower), red shoes (Avenue $34) and a red belt via Netta P’s Clothing Swap.

The pants have this sheen to them that I think makes them extra fancy. I’ve gotten so many compliments because of these pants. They’re definitely a wardrobe staple.

I put two feather earrings on one side–a blue and a red to add to the grand color scheme. I guess you can kind of call it color blocking, but I’m a coloraholic, so, it’s normal for me.

How do you rock Gingham print?


Add yours →

  1. Love the color combo and those pants are haute.

  2. i love this look and your blog! I found you thru a post on Stylish Curves.

  3. Oh, I LOVE this look. This outfit can go straight from the office to date night. The material are really chic and the red accents really elevates the whole look. DOPE!

  4. @Alissa, thanks boo! I think it's becoming one of my fave combos! Also, remember these pants from Re/Dress that time we went and I left them? LOL it was meant to be–they were still there a month later!@Ebony Thank you love! SC is amazing! Thank you for coming and keep coming back!@Toya Thanks boo! You're right. This is one of those transitional outfits without being too over the top on either end as well as not having to change or tweak it. I love it!

  5. I love your outfits! You should be a stylist… I bookmarked you for inspiration 🙂

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