Bag Lady: Housing Works’ Buy the Bag Sale

When my blogger buddy Patrice from Living Fly on a Dime tweeted about Housing Works having their “Buy the Bag Sale,” I was very intrigued. You pay $25 and Housing Works gives you a bag, no bigger than a paper grocery bag and whatever you find that you want and can fit in your bag, it’s yours. I loved the concept and knew that with my thrift luck, I’d find amazing piece. Groupon actually had a deal where you pay $10, so all the goodies I scored were only $10. Check out  few of the amazing pieces I snagged.

I went with a few other blogger ladies and we had a game plan. We’d grab up all the cool pieces we find, no matter the size, meet in the middle, switch and try on, then dive right back in the masses. This skirt was spotted by noe of my girls. I didn’t know if I could wear it, but lo and behold, it fit. I love the color.

A simple white tank, chunky heels and a fanny pack–yes a fanny pack–make this outfit complete. I found the fanny pack in the piles of clothes too! The skirt didn’t have a tag, so the brand is unknown.

I’m addicted to blazers, so I was definitely on the hunt as soon as I walked in. I was digging the bins and pulled out a gramet bag filled with great blazers that fit me. SCORE! This was one of the blazers in the bag.

Since the jacket is busy enough, I plan on keeping it simple with a plain top and dark denim bottom. This blazer is Le Suit Petite.

‘What did I say about blazers? Yeah, this one was spotted by a friend and I actually had a different yellow blazer. We ended up trying each others’ on and switching. This mustard yellow is such a staple color for me. There’s so much you can match it.

The fascinator is actually a headband. It belongs to my roomie, so I’m not sure of the price or where she got it. The blazer is Diana Hartman.

This pink number had a size 4 on the tag, so I was about to toss it, but it looked as if I ould make it work, so I tried it on. Wow. It fit!

I paired the top with my floral tap shorts from Torrid and a white tank underneath. The blazer/top is Sandy Baldanza.

I wasn’t so sure about this skirt when my homegirl held it up, but I snagged it anyway and I am so glad I did. It’s almost a maxi, but I’m not mad at the shorter length. I actually love it!

I tied my sleeveless denim button up over a plain white tank to give the whole look a more vintage feel. This skirt is St. Michael.


These are only a few pieces of the bagful of goodies I scored at Housing Works’ Buy the Bag Dale. Needless to say, I will be going back. There are more Buy the Bag Sales this Saturday 8/6, 8/13, Spe 10 and Sept 17. If you love vintage and saving money, do yourself a favor and GO!



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  1. girl you look good! I didn't get a chance to see all your finds at the sale.. I think my fav piece is that pink blazer!!!

  2. Love, love love what you purchased. The bold colors are awesome and I'm a sucker for a fanny pack :)My fave has to be the tied denim shirt and skirt. Definite thrift store score!

  3. I like all the looks. My favorite is the last look. So vintage casual spring/ early summer

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