HEART & SOUL: Kindred The Family Soul Talks Family, Music and Sacrificing For Love


Fatin Dantzler and Aja Graydon seem to do the impossible: Live, work and play—together. To let them tell it, it’s not an impossible feat, only a challenge that requires intense commitment and sacrifice. After eight years performing professionally, the duo—collectively known as Kindred The Family Soul—has maintained a spirit that is down-to-earth relatability, and a love that is rooted in mutual respect. “Through the challenges of balancing life, love, family and music; we continue to grow with one another”, says Dantzler.

The parents of six children, the Philadelphia based couple have managed to keep their musical machine going since their 2003 debut, Surrender To Love, and are now gearing up for the release of their fourth album—appropriately titled—Love Has No Recession. “We have prevailed over hardship, stayed true to our mission, and truly enjoyed success in a musical landscape that doesn’t exactly reflect what we’re about,” says Graydon.

So what’s the secret behind this seemingly unbreakable bond? Can an “average” couple really have it all?

So how do you feel like you’ve been able to handle working and being together?
Aja: There [are] two separate marriages, really. There have been things over the years that have hurt my feelings that have been strictly business. When we’re in the vocal booth, it’s a vulnerable place to be. We–for the most part–produce our own vocals all the time. Having him produce my vocals all the time is like, “Sing that again!” [But] there are sensitive moments. It goes back and forth.

How do you handle those sensitive moments without letting it break you guys down?
Aja:Oh you learn to be a professional, period. That goes in your box of tricks no matter who you’re working with. Just because it’s your husband doesn’t really change things–for me it doesn’t. We don’t ride back home and I go, “Mmhmm! You were too rough in the studio tonight, you’re not going any!”
Fatin: Yes she does!
Aja: No I don’t! Lies! (laughs)

People that have been together a long time usually keep dates as a way to keep it spicy and fun, what do you all do?
Fatin: Because we’re out and about doing things and because we have as many children as we do, we have to find that time and balance when we’re working. The kind of job we have has a lot of leisure involved. We’re not always having a great time with nothing to do, but we’re travelling to places and staying in a lot of hotels. So we get that quality time. We have romantic getaways pretty much every week.
Aja: Other couples call it vacation sex, ours just happens…
Fatin: To be our job! (laughs)

How do you feel you handle the little blunders along the way?

**read their response and the rest of the interview here**


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