Soul’s Best Kept Secret: UK Based Singer Rhian Benson Proves She’s Not A Carbon-Copy Of Sade


If you pride yourself on being verse on the indie music scene, chances are the name Rhian Benson isn’t foreign. But if you dwell under that proverbial rock—void of non-mainstream music—the Ghanaian and Welsh singer, and her electronic tinged music, might not ring a bell. A solid mix of genres (mostly soul and rock) and global sounds, her music has been compared to that of Sade—smooth yet pulsing.

Off the heels of the release of her sophomore album, Hands Clean, Benson continues to breathe new life into the musical landscape and is allowing her culturally saturated life to serve as a backdrop. If you don’t know Rhian Benson, here’s your chance.

Who do you feel has influenced you the most musically?
Marvin Gaye, Sade for sure, Dinah Washington and old school artists from my dad’s record collection. I’d been listening to them for the longest and it never gets old or tired.

In the states, your music is labeled R&B/Soul, what do you call it?
I just generally call it good music. I literally do bits of everything. I love soul, jazz, [and] rock

It’s an amazing fusion because you can’t put a finger on it…Yeah, I guess so. Because we generally chose to go more electronic with Hands Clean, I guess you can call it that, but it’s soulful.

Do you feel as if your music can be defined through the various cultures you’ve been a part of growing up?

*read Rhian’s response and the rest of the interview here*


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