Blown Out Of Proportion



I now have a love affair with mini skirts. Never would I have ever thought that I would be able to say that but I’m all about them. I think playing with proportions with tight mini skirts makes them a lot more flattering, which is why I paired this one with a voluminously Victorian type top.

The top is from Ashley Stewart for a mere $7. The skirt, I spotted at Forever 21 and the $10.80 price tag drew me in. I love the fit in this skirt. You can wear it like a mini or you can tug it down to your knees and rock it like more of a pencil skirt.

I kept the accessories simple with a pair of feather earrings from H&M for $3.95.

Do you like playing with proportions too? What’s your favorite proportion combination?



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  1. Love the outfit….jen

  2. You look fab. I love the sheer panels in the top and I would not think to pair this kind of top with the mini skirt but it really works!

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