Class(y) Clown

I love bright colors. I remember I got written up when I worked at Macy’s because I wouldn’t wear all black–I always had some pop of color. This top caught my eye almost a year ago at Re/Dress, but it was a little too snug, so I’d always have to leave it behind. But it stayed on the rack because when I visited Re/Dress last month, the top was still on the vintage rack. The $15 price tag wasn’t ideal, but I sold some clothes to them and used my store credit.

I am unafraid to pair bright and bold colors together. I paired this striped top with my red fitted skirt from Forever 21 +. I paid $9 for this skirt–a steal! They had it in purple too, I should have snagged that one too!

I put a simple white tank underneath and opted to leave the top unbuttoned. I’m not totally in love with the red shoe and red skirt, but I don’t hate it together. I added just a little bit more color with a yellow heart pendant from Rainbow for $5.99.

I’m trying out the whole mixing of patterns thing, so I tied my blue and white polka dotted scarf from H&M on my head. I felt the dots in the shirt’s texture coordinated the polka dots. The scarf was a gift from my roomie.


Do you love rocking bold colors?


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  1. LOVE IT. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. And I love that you tied the scarf in a bow. So adorable.

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