HelloBeautiful.com: Listen Up: 6 Artists You Should Be Listening To

We’ve got a list of five artists that fall under the soul umbrella that we think are extremely underrated and deserve a bit of shine. Rox, Little Dragon, Peter Hadar, Jamie Woon and Emeli Sande and Michael Kiwanuka all represent true artistry with honest lyrics and haunting melodies that will change your iPod life. Nowadays, it’s easy to get overshadowed by the Beyonces, Lil’ Waynes and Lady Gagas of the world, but these pop sensations don’t represent everything that music can be. Maybe you haven’t heard of these artists, but we promise, you’re going to love at least one of them.

Rox’s music is contagiously soulful and speaks to almost every situation you’ve ever gone through if you’ve ever claimed to be in love before. With influences like Joni Mitchell, Lauryn Hill and Portishead, you can tell Rox is a mix of soul, blues and rock. Rox released her debut album, Memoirs last year and it’s a solid classic. Check her out here.

**Check out the rest of the list here**


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