PLUS Model Magazine: Tickle Your Fancy

Ragini of explains her daring sense of style, what she loathes about mainstream plus size designers and why fashion rules aren’t for her.

She laughs–or rather quietly giggles in the face of fashion rules. Who says plus size girls have to stick to tunics and tights? Ragini of is a daring fashion maven who just wants to show the world that individual style and creativity go a long way even when you are a bit larger than the average. It’s almost as if Ragini stepped right out of a storybook and on to our computer screens. Her sense of style is whimsical, fancy and enviably vintage. Her outside-of-the-box fashions have caught the eye of other plus sized women that are inspired by her valor, Teen Vogue and now PLUS Model Magazine. You should get to know more of what’s behind’s girly getups.

-Danielle Young


What made you start your blog? Was it originally fashion-based?

I learned to dress my (fat) body when I was on the LJ Fatshionista community. I first started putting up outfit posts there in 2008. By 2009. I definitely felt the need for my own space where I could do that as well as talk about fashion and so my first blog, Forays in Fatshion, was born.


What labels would you put on your style?

I like to call my style “Storybook Style” since I always attempt to dress like characters from the books I read as a child. My style is vintage inspired. I often wear a lot of vintage.


What do you really think about plus size fashion in the mainstream (i.e. Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, etc–all the big brands)?

Plus-size fashion in the mainstream is deplorable and makes me despair. How long do fat women have to put up with polyester sacks in gaudy prints? Even in the UK the situation is not much better. It’s all about jeweled tops with handkerchief hems. I think the only plus-size brand that is putting out excellent stuff out there is ASOS Curve.


Where do you shop?

I shop at ASOS, Topshop, River Island and Etsy among others.


Has your style evolved since you started your blog?

My style has evolved greatly since I first started blogging in October 2009. Back then I was still learning to dress. I don’t think that it was until last fall that I really came into my style.


What’s your favorite fashion season?

Ahh, this is difficult! Every winter I find myself dreaming of spring fashion and every summer it’s the fall collections! But overall I think fall wins over. I cannot resist those gorgeous coats and capes!


Are you excited about some of the fall fashions/trends? What’s your favorite?

I am excited about some of it, yes. Especially jewel tones and capes!


What trend for plus fashion do you wish would go away?

**read Ragini’s response and the rest of the article here on page 192**


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  1. So Ragini likes fall fashion. We've got different opinions talking about the favorite fashion season. My favorite is spring fashion.

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