I Don’t Give A Crop!

It’s official, I have a love affair with crop tops. It’s just something out that little piece of midriff that peeks out. So sexy and flirty! I will still be rocking the crop through the seasons because I’m daring that way and I don’t give a crop lol! I scored this tribal crop from Rainbow for $5 in the straight sized section. I wasn’t sure it would work, but it does. I don’t like my crops too oversized.

I paired the crop top with a pair of Sweetheart jeans (folded twice) from Old Navy via Netta P’s Clothing Swap, so they were free!

I added my mustard yellow Diane Hartman blazer from Housing Works’ Buy the Bag Sale for some color.

Accessories make the heart grow fonder, so I added my teal framed geeky glasses, red earrings and a white feather necklace. I am so in love with warm colors together like reds, oranges and yellows. I think I’ll bring a lot more of that into the fall.

What summer trends are you carrying over to fall?



Add yours →

  1. You look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Um…you're shrinking more! Has it ben that long since I've seen you? You look amazing! Love the outfit, love everything!

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