UptownMagazine.com//Tyler Perry: The Diary of a Mad Black Man


“Tyler Perry is one of, if not the, worst director in Hollywood. He’s willfully ignorant of the craft and I can think of no aspect of the craft that he is good at,” writer/culture critic/TV personality Touré said on CNN recently. He went on to call Perry’s work cinematic malt liquor. Malt Liquor is typically the alcohol of choice for the homeless and unemployed–you’ve seen them on the block, brown bagging it and satisfied with their low end, but potent sipping. It’s usually more prevalent in an urban setting–which makes Touré’s claims a bit true, but not 100% accurate. Perry’s movies do very well in urban communities–I mean, our people come out in droves, waiting to see what unnecessary violence Perry’s Madea character will inflict or what one-liner will have them giggling until they cry.


While Touré sees why our people love Perry’s work because it serves up real life situations with a Christian message–he doesn’t approve of Perry’s “poorly made” films. Respected director Spike Lee thinks of Perry’s work as “coonery and buffoonery–“ but said cooning has earned Perry a top spot on the Forbes highest paid men in Hollywood–something Lee can’t boast. Call Perry’s films what you want, but the man has the Midas Touch. So how is it possible that Perry’s films manage to bust the box office wide open while offending [certain] black folks?


**read the rest here**


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