Casual Fridays: Think [Pastel] Pink

I love pastel colors and putting them together–swoon! Even though the fall typically calls for warmer tones, it’s just something about faint, barely-there colors that I adore.

I paired this pastel pink knit crop top from Rainbow for $5 with a pastel purple blazer from Housing Works’ Buy the Bag Sale (there is another this Saturday Oct 15th and the 22nd!). I love dark denim, so these Old Navy sweetheart jeans by way of Netta P’s Clothing Swap def came in handy.

I added pink, patterned, leather earrings from a Harlem Street Vendor for $10, a vintage pastel pink clutch from my mother and a bumble bee (Forever 21 $7) and white feather necklace (H&M $7.95).

I finished off the look with pastel pink Sperry’s for about $50. I got these boat shoes so long ago, I barely remember the price. I have always loved boat shoes–they’re adrorable–and to find pink ones? Yes please!

Will you be rocking pretty pastels this winter?

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