UptownMagazine.com//The Flirt Buddy vs. The F*ck Buddy


I used to get a real thrill from every little thing you had to do to get the guy. I don’t mean the laugh at his jokes, mani/pedis or hours belittling the clothes hanging in your closet for never being good enough to make him offer up a compliment. I mean the flirty conversations, giggles and timid moments of eye contact–the things that make your heart feel as if it could jump from your chest, play hop scotch down your rib cage and settle to the pit of your stomach. Let’s face it–it’s why women created the “crush.” It’s deeper than like, not quite love and a whole lot of longing.


They say the chase is better than the catch and there’s a lot of truth in that. There isn’t a woman around that doesn’t enjoy being the object of a man’s affection and therefore finding herself being chased. So after a few failed attempts at actively trying to score a mate, I decided I would just enjoy the flirtation. Essentially, I wanted to take the [sexual] pressure off of dating and keep things light and casual and still arousing, but in a different way.


**read the rest of the article here**

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