It’s In The Bag: Housing Works’ Buy the Bag Sale

Once again, I’ve given in to the super powers that is Housing Works’ Buy the Bag Sale. This time, I headed out to their Queens warehouse with my girls Merli, Patrice and my coworker, Yessica. I can’t believe hald the things I found. I ended up buying two bags instead of one this time. I stuffed it with things like Yves St. Laurent, Oscar de la Renta and tons of other designer and vintage brands.

I scored this skirt the first time I went to the sale. I absolutely LOVE that is matches my new paisley blazer. It’s from Jones New York.

I so love the colors in this blazer. It’s def going to be one of my favorites!

Speaking of favorites–there’s just something about a top that ties at the neck that does it for me. This little vintage number was staring at me from underneath someone’s foot. I couldn’t get to it fast enough. The colors attracted me and I stuffed it in my bag–unsure of the fit.

The brand of the shirt is Mr. B. Check out the dotted detail on the shirt. I’m not 100% sure, but I’ve only ever seen vintage clothes with this type of detail. Such a thrift store score!

I thought this top was a crop top when I spotted it, but once I tried it on at home, I realized it wasn’t. I like the idea of cutting it to make it one though.

This shirt’s tag said Glam. I’ve never heard of the brand. The size is medium, so I’m sure this is supposed to be very oversized.

Color–the way to my heart. This button-up was one of the first pieces I spotted. It’s soooo 90’s and I love it. It’s by Class Act.

This top made me realize that I need more button-ups in my life. Luckily, I found a couple more at the Buy the Bag Sale!

I don’t know how I lucked out and scored this leopard print. It sat lonely on the top of a pile near me and I snagged it up. I caught a woman staring at me trying it on out of the corner of her eye and I stuffed it right in my bag! It doesn’t have a name on the tag, but there is an image of a woman on it.

It’s paper thin, so I have to be careful when putting it on. The pants I paired it with are also from the sale by way of Jones New York. Who doesn’t love a pair of great trousers?


If you haven’t taken my advice yet to check out the sale, please do yourself a favor now! Housing Works has added two extra Saturdays, so happy shopping! Also, stay tuned for more of my amazing finds from this last sale!



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  1. Love It all!!! You are a superstar when it comes to finding gems at housing works! Very pretty pics :)xo

  2. OMG! I'm so jealous! You and Patrice got some extra fly stuff. I should have been there!!!!! When's the next one?

  3. I love the pieces, Danielle – super fly!!! I'm jealous – I should have gone too. DEFINITELY let me know the next time you go!!!

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