HelloBeautiful.com//Understanding Amy Winehouse: Her Top 8 Verses Decoded

Sky-high beehive hairdos and black exaggerated cat-eye liner were her signature look. And that sound? Flawlessly classic, but with a modern twist of a woman scorned. Amy Winehouse was such a solid artist. Take away the drugs, alcohol and whatever other vices she indulged in and you have a hauntingly soulful voice, catchy doo-wop-esque melodies and potent lyrics–all the makings of a legendary songstress.

Get the inside scope on her home: London, UK

I first discovered Amy Winehouse in 2006 while listening to one of my favorite stations on Pandora–Madeleine Peyroux. Her voice instantly caught my attention and I had to know how she was. I found her albums Frank and the Grammy-winning Back to Black and was hooked on her insanely insightful lyrics and Billie Holiday-laced voice. I had no idea that she would share so many similarities to the late, tortured jazz songbird. **read the rest of the piece here**


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