New Kid On The Block

I think color blocking is a trend that I will never let go of. Color is such a fun thing to play with in fashion! My latest color blocking effort happened by accident. I was cleaning my closet and ended up throwing this teal blazer on top of my red mini on my bed and loved the contrast. So the outfit was built.

I found this blazer at my latest romp at Housing Works’ Buy the Bag Sale and had to have it. I have a love affair with teal.

I added my red mini skirt via Forever 21+ for $11.80 and my sheer top from Conway for $5. I love sheer anything. It’s such a taboo thing for a big girl to rock out in sheer, but it’s sexy and when worn appropriately, is so chic!

I scored this bag at Housing Works’ Buy the Bag Sale as well. When I first spotted it, it reminded me of my childhood because I thought of Cross Colors. The 90’s were such a bright time for urban fashion. I really love pulling inspiration from the palette.

Like the leather bow in my hair? It’s one of my favorite headpieces I bought at Top Shop for $6 on sale. The look was completed with black stockings from Avenue for 2 for $12 and black suede booties, also from Avenue for about $40.

How do you block your colors?


Add yours →

  1. Love the look, love the writing!

  2. Absolutely LOVE this fit! You are rocin' out, girl! And I'm so glad you decided to go "taboo" and do the sheer; playing it safe is sooooo boring! 🙂

  3. meant to say, "…rockin' it…" 🙂 *typo

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