HelloBeautiful.com//Involuntary Manslaughter: Are Men Killing Themselves With Their Own Machismo?


It is statistically proven that men die, on average 5 years sooner than women. Of the top 10 causes of death, men lead in nine of those. Women are often the more health-conscious, often feeding into the latest diet crazes, fitness classes and collecting frequent flier miles at their doctors’ offices. Men, on the other hand would rather puff their chests out and proclaim their aches and pains as small blemishes on their otherwise perfect bill of health and keep it moving–right on past the doctor’s office.

With multiple celebrities–Rick Ross, Vince Herbert (Tamar Braxton’s hubby), Heavy D and Erick Sermon–all catching headlines for their health problems and even deaths lately, I think it’s time to remind the men out there that while you may be Superman in many ways, you’re not invincible. Even Superman had a weakness. Most health problems come with warning signs and it’s up to us


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