HelloBeautiful.com//Upgrade You: 6 Regular Women Who Dated “Up” To Boost Their Careers

Nine times out of ten, people find themselves hating on the women that are able to take their breathtaking good looks and killer physiques and create careers around them. Regular chicks from around the way who are able to date outside of their tax brackets and use that as an opportunity for their own fame and abundance should be more empowering than it is deplorable. Here are five women whose hustles can’t be knocked and one honorable mention–who if she plays her cards right–will find herself swimming in Benjamins too.

Catya Washington

Drake's ex girlfriend Bad Girl Cat Washington

Cat and Drake had a serious thing. The two met on the set of Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” video and ended up living together, even labeling their relationship “love.” They let each other go when Cat decided to go on reality show trainwreck Bad Girls Club. Anyone who chooses that type of show is after a certain type of career and dating Drake definitely made her a bit more notable than the other no-name bad girls. According to her Twitter, Cat’s a radio personality, blogger, model and CEO. She’s even got a single out. Do your thing, Cat.

Evelyn Lozada

Basketball wife Evelyn Lozada in sexy lingerie

Once the fiance of Boston Celtics all-star Antoine Walker and now the wife-to-be to New England Patriot Chad Ochocinco, it’s clear that all Evelyn does is date up. From her patented “Non-Motherf*ckin’ Factor” T-shirts to her new lipstick line Secret Kisses to her six-figure Cash Money book deal, Evelyn’s taking her career straight to the top.

Draya Michele


**read about Draya and the rest of the girls here**


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