Caped Crusader

I have this thing for chiffon and when I saw a small piece of black chiffon peaking out from one of the bins at the Housing Works Buy the Bag Sale, I grabbed it up. I was confused. Was it an apron? I tied it around my waist and almost immediately had the idea to wear it was a cape.

I paired the cape with my black and blue striped chiffon top from Rainbow for $5 and patent belt that came with a top. Now looking at this, I should have just let the top hang and be oversized. With all the weightloss I’ve had, I am always so concerned with appearing as small as I’ve gotten and it makes me want to always cinch my waist in. Sometimes the overseized top look really works on a plus size girl without her feeling as if she has to show her waist.

I added the wardrobe staple that is my black mini from Forever 21 for $12.80, black tights from Avenue for 2 for $12 and black suede boots from Avenue for around $40.

The scarf in my hair is also from Housing Works’ Buy the Bag Sale. I love the pops or yellow and blue with the black and white, so I decided to represent that in my outfit as well with the use of the white feather necklace from H&M for $7.95. I also kept the feather trend going with yellow and blue feather earrings from Rainbow for around $4 each.

I finished the look with my very first ReDress purchase–my yellow suede and leather Member’s Only Jacket for $10. I chose to wear this outfit to ReDress’ final Indie Fashion Show. I can’t believe one of my favorite vintage shopping experiences has come to an end. Although, they will be revived online. I’ll miss you ReDress! Stay tuned for my recap of the final fashion show!


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