You Make Me Feel Like a Neutral Woman

Being that I love color so much, usually you can’t catch me colorless. But every now again, I like to rock a neutral palette.

I’ve had an obsession with peg legged pants since I spotted them on ASOS. I found these olive green puppies at Rainbow for $29.99.

I paired the peg pants with a cropped and striped knit sweater from Rainbow for $5. I accessorized simply with a white feather necklace from H&M for $4.95 and a neutral toned seashell necklace I scored while on vacation in St. Maarten for three for $5.

I love crops, yes even in the cold. I adore the way this sweater is only cropped in the front.

At first I was wearing this look with a pair of Oxfords, but I noticed that peg pants look way better with a heel or some type of height, so I switched to my brown wedges from Payless for around $17.


How do you rock your neutrals?

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  1. Nice Outfit Babe, Looking Sexy As Hell 🙂

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