UptownMagazine.Com//Good Girls Never Give It Up On The First Date


We live in a microwave culture. We want everything right here, right now and waiting — well, that’s just out of the question. The instant gratifications that we’re used to have shaped the way we behave in every aspect of our lives, especially when dating. The movies make it look so hot and in-the-moment. The wild groping and tangled tongues of complete strangers seems almost warm, as if the pair were already connected. Whether you hit first, second, third and home on the first date or not, there are issues you may have to face once you untangle yourself from the sheets.

In the real world, first-night relations have such a negative stigma and create a bit of a conundrum for most women. Rocking and knocking the boots on the first date or even the first time meeting each other has many ways of ending. More often than not, when I’m dating, I let the lust speak for me, and I’ll find myself wondering: How did I end up laying in bed, watching him carve a new notch on his bedpost with my name on it? The entire time I’m thinking I’ll never speak to him again or assuming that I’m booty call material and there’s nothing more there.

Likewise, other women are often guilt-stricken in the light of day because we have it in our heads that men couldn’t possibly respect us after giving it up so easily. When in all actuality, most of the men I asked about sex on the first date told me that they don’t think negatively of a woman that gives it up. In fact, **read the rest of the article here**

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