Peachy Keen

On a recent thrifting trip with my cousin in Philly, she introduced me to a store out there called Closet Exchange. We went on Black Friday and had our very own shopping spree. This top is one of my finds. I got it for $5 and the tag says “The Max,” so I’m not too sure where it’s from.

I fell in love with the fact that it ties. I tied it up front because to tie it in the back was boring. I love the way the front tie gathers the fabric. There’s also a keyhole top. I paired it with dark denim skinnies from Forever 21+ ($10.80) and brown oxfords from BarefootTess ($69).

I love the peacy coral color, especially through the winter. It definitely brightens my mood. So when I saw this necklace at Ashley Stewart on one of their ridiculously priced clearance racks, I found it for $4!


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  1. You're so write about pretty colors in the winter time as mood brightener! I really like this look. You should have your own show, like one of those bargain buy shows! Seriously!

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