Cheap Tricks: Red Haute

You don’t always have to buy something new to make it new. Accessories are the easiest way to remix any boring old piece in your closet to make it new again. Check out the three different ways I was able to make my red coat stretch into separate looks.


I paired this red coat from Forever 21+ with a teal skinny belt and from Ashley Stewart in a group of 3 for $10, a scarf from Canal Street for $5 and one of my mom’s berets from the 70’s.


This look was a bit more luxurious with my black fur stole from Joe Fresh for $9 and simple leopard wasit belt from Ashley Stewart for $7.


The last look adds a pop of leopard with a scarf from Canal Street for $5, a black waist belt that came with a dress and a gifted brown handbag from H&M.


So if you find yourself wanting a new look and you don’t have the funds, try some cheap tricks to make it like new!

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  1. I love what you did with the red jacket…even guys can swag it out too with the accessories !!! good look.

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