Wild About Teal

Anyone that knows me knows that I’ve got a love affair with teal. It’s one of my favorite colors. This blazer may have well been sparkling at Housing Works’ Buy The Bag Sale. In case you don’t know about the sale, Housing Works is a big thrift store chain in NYC whose proceeds go to AIDS research. They host a slew of sales at their warehouse location in Queens, where you pay $25 for a bag and any and everything you can fit in the bag, is yours! So, I basically paid nothing for this blazer because I scored a bag full!

This leopard maxi dress is one of my Rainbow finds for $5. I love neutrals with a bright pop of color.

My only gripe about maxis is that sometimes they’re a bit short, especially on my 5’11” frame. I may get this one hemmed as an assymetric dress like in the middle photo. I added chunky brown heels from Avenue for a more sophisticated feel. You can also rock maxis with flats or flat boots for a more casual look.

Considering I’m wearing a loud color with an animal print, I wanted to keep the accessories relatively simple. I love feathers, so I added my teal, green and purple feather earrings from Rainbow for $2.99.


Are you wild about animal prints and color?


Add yours →

  1. I love it! Girl you got so skinty since the last time I saw you.. Very nice.

  2. LOL Thanks Candace!

  3. YES. YES. MA'AM. YOU. BET. TER. WORK! Idk how I missed this one! I think it's one of my faves!

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