HelloBeautiful.com//Late Pass: Jay-Z Takes “B*tch” Out Of His Vocabulary For Daughter Blue Ivy

Becoming a parent has got to be one of the most enriching experiences that life an offer you. Being responsible for the creation and nurturing of another human being is not only rewarding, but intimidating as well. Your life changes. Just ask new father, Jay-Z. The man that has made a living rapping about everything from slinging coke to having almost 100 problems, but not one of them being about a “b*tch” to flaunting his ever-increasing wealth, has now made a vow to his newborn baby Blue Ivy Carter to stop using the b-word. But, Hov, you’re the one that told us that Beyonce is your “b—-,” right?

So let me get this straight, all it took for Jay-Z to stop degrading women with a term most of us don’t appreciate was for his “b*tch” to give birth? Does Jay-Z deserve a late pass on this one for waiting so long to straighten up his syntax?

When Jay-Z was born from a woman who single-handedly raised him, the word “b*tch” should have never slipped from his tongue – hardcore rapper image or not. But it

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