In The Navy [Plus Size Slacks]

Last weekend my blogger boos Patrice, Jasmin and I wend out for a day of thrifting. These are two of th best thrifters I know and it’s always fun getting together with amazing women and talking abuot everything freely from boys to work to frustrations. It’s like therapy.. Throw in some amazing thrifted finds and you’ve got a perfect day. I went in knowing I wanted to find some great slacks. I found 3 great pair and this is the story of one of them–the navy pair.

I made out like a bandit at Salvation Army with this top and these slacks. The top didn’thave a tag, but I scored it on half off of $4.99.

The slacks are from Monterey Canyon via Salvation Army and I got them for half off $5.99.

I wore my navy blue feather earings from a 99 Cent store on 34th street.

I love the pleated look of the top. So chic.

I found the shoes at a different Salvation Army close to Union Square. The men’s oxfords were $9.99 and fit like a glove.


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