The 9 Lives (And Jobs) Of Swizz Beatz

Who knew Swizz Beatz was actually getting “Arab Money?” As the CEO of MegaUpload, Swizz has got a lot of legal issues to face with the Federal Government, seeing as how they’ve shut down the music-sharing site. It’s quite interesting that an industry veteran could head up a site that provides free music of his peers. Not only that, but Swizz managed to get Chris Brown, Kanye, Snoop and other A-list recording artists to support the site with the Mega Upload Song.

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but I had no clue Swizz Beatz was a man of many jobs and talents. Swizz is a modern-day Renaissance man, opening himself up to more than just music and allowing his passions to run deep in everything from fashion to art.

As I began to research the multi-hyphenate mogul, I became increasingly impressed with his accomplishments. He’s the definition of ambitious and even though SOPA’s trying to bring down one of his latest ventures, Swizz will be just fine without this CEO title. So, take that SOPA. Check out the 9 different impressive jobs that Swizz is able to juggle and still wear the hats of husband and father.

1. DJ: This is how Mr. Dean got his start in music. He scored some deejaying equipment from his stepfather and uncles.

2. Producer: Swizz’s uncles Chivon, Dee and Waah Dean were CEO’s of the Ruff Ryder label and noticed his musical talents and allowed him to produce for their breakout star DMX. At 16, Swizz created the “Ruff Ryder’s Anthem.”

3. Recording Artist: Swizz was signed as a recording artist to Universal/Motown records. He is now signed to Everest Entertainment/Atlantic/Warner. He’s released a compilation album – Swizz Beatz Presents G.H.E.T.T.O. Stories – in 2002 and One Man Band Man in 2007. Haute Living is coming this year.

4. CEO: By 23, Swizz started his own label–Full Surface–with music mogul Clive Davis. He’s also the CEO of Megaupload.

5. Fashion Designer: As if the music was not enough to feed his


**read the rest of the list here**

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