4 Reasons Rihanna And Evelyn Lozada Are Hanging Out

Rihanna was spotted out last night in L.A., back from Battleship promos in Australia, with her admitted (via Twitter) girlcrush, “Basketball Football Wife Fiance,” Evelyn Lozada. The two party girls were also out with Evelyn’s daughter Shaniece, Sean Kingston, among others.
Even though Rihanna seems to love herself some Evelyn, I’m a bit confused as to how and why these girls are friends–well at least out and about friends. You know–the type of people you keep around to go out with, but the friendship doesn’t go any further.
Here’s four reasons why Rihanna and Evelyn hang out together.

1. Rihanna is no stranger to admitting her admiration of women. She and Evelyn even flirt on Twitter. It’s obvious, Rihanna wants to hit that.

2. Evelyn is plotting a threesome between her fiance, Rihanna and herself.

3. It’s like a Kim Kardashian and Kanye West “Showmance–” they both love the spotlight, even though Rihanna will tell you differently, while flipping the bird to the paparazzi. But it’s obvious that Evelyn loves the spotlight and Rihanna is just the person to give her all the shine she craves.

4. Evelyn is about to be a married woman, which slows down most women from going out on the town. Evelyn’s also got a daughter Rihanna’s age, so it seems she wants something to help her feel as young as she looks.Rihanna lives a life of reckless abandon. Nothing makes you feel as young as a carefree and fun life. Rihanna is giving her that.

Evelyn tweeted about her night with Rihanna, saying, “Oh what a night :-)” I wonder what happened last night that wasn’t caught on camera? Why do you think Rihanna and Evelyn are hanging out? Let’s discuss on Twitter @Rhapsodani.

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