Four Questions About Rihanna’s Latest Instagram Photo

Rihanna instragram photo of a handRihanna‘s Instagram is pretty much a form of entertainment for me. I know I’m not alone. Her latest photo was of a woman’s hand. A few bracelets and rings that Rihanna would wear, but this hand was a few shades darker than Rihanna’s caramel complexion. And being that her tweet labeled the person her “fav,” I’m going to step out on a limb and say that Rihanna’s Ride or Die BFF Melissa‘s bejeweled hand. And now I have a few questions about this photo:
1. Was Rihanna in bed with her “fav” when she snapped this photo?
2. Is this Rihanna’s way of dispelling the J.R. Smith rumors?
3. Is Rihanna still trying to get Chris Brown‘s attention because he’s giving out rings?
4. Is Rihanna actually hinting at starting a relationship with her “fav”? Or getting some? Either way–is this Rihanna’s way of coming out?

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