Blue & Re(a)d Between The Lines [Plus Size Maxi Skirt]

I’ve been gone too long! I missed you guys! Long story short, I landed a full time job that I am in love with, but if anyone knows anything about a full time job–it basically takes up your entire left. The small amount of time that is left is divied up among friends, fitness, family and free time. 

With that said, I’m back! I am learning how to get a good handle of my schedule and I am making more time for blogging! Seriously, I missed you guys! Ok–

There’s something about black and white mixed with a pop of color that makes me happy!

I have a love of maxi anything, especially skirts. However, because of my 5’11” frame, I haven’t been able to find enough of them that are long enough. This maxi is actually a dress I spotted at a Netta P Clothing Swap, which makes it free! The dress’ tag says “ALEX Evenings.” I hear this brand’s amazing.

I paired the dress with a black and white blazer from Forever 21, by way of a Looking Fly On A Dime Clothing Swap–so it was also free (with O So Chic and Housing Works.) The two things that I ended up paying for were my red strappy sandals for $30 on sale on BarefootTess and my blue vintage silk top.

Now, hold on to your seats because the Frugal Fatshionista has moved to Brooklyn and with that move, I’ve found bigger and better deals that have upped the frugal anty. 

There’s a dollar store, yes, as in 99 cents store near my gym that carries clothing. I would have never thought twice about picking up anything from that store, but as I was walking by, a particular pattern caught my eye. As I investigated the clothing rack and found various silky, vintage tops that were there for the taking at $1 a pop. I was in heaven! I grabbed up at least 13 pieces during my first trip and have been back a ton of times since then.

I finished this look with a black necklace from Kellie B. from Fatshion Insiders Blooger Shop & Swap event, a black belt that was a part of a jumpsuit from Forever 21 and feather earrings from Rainbow for $2.50.

Have you gotten into the maxi trend this season?

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