3 Reasons Brian McKnight Wrote A Song For YouPorn

Brian McKnight resurfaced himself back into relevancy with his oh-so popular tune “If You’re Ready To Learn” song that taught us all how the p***y works. And now the washed up talented R&B crooner’s lending his sweet vocals to YouPorn to send horny folks to their site. Check out the three reasons Brian McKnight is singing his heart out for porn the same way Mary sang her heart out for crispy chicken.
1. The Checks Stopped Rolling In
Clearly Brian McKnight has suffered through his fair share of struggle albums and his fans are few and far between. His “If You’re Ready To Learn” single made him viral and popular again. Even though he claims it was all in jest, the track took on a life of it’s own and he knew he was on to something there. Smartly enough, he rode the wave into…porn. Smart move McKnight.
2. He Did Want To SHOW Us How It Worked, Right?
“If You’re Ready To Learn” said that it would show us us how the p***y works. Singing about it doesn’t show us. I haven’t logged on to YouPorn (for obvious reasons, read: at work) but visuals are the only ways to be able to show someone how something works. So perhaps Brian is over there on YouPorn with an instructional video.
3. New Career Path
Brian may just being making a smooth transition into porn. Sex tapes are so yesterday. Porn is the thing of the future. What other reason (other than the above) would he have to so adamantly send us over to YouPorn? I think it’s because it’s his own personal site. Someone head on over to YouPorn and tell me if he’s on there singing “Back At One” into some girl’s vajay.
Listen to Brian McKnight’s YouPorn theme song here:
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