Why Obamacare Is Important For Women

President Obama giving a speech and pointing with his left handPresident Obama‘s health care overhaul aka Obamacare and The Affordable Care Act is partly in effect as of today. This means the way that countless Americans receive and pay for their personal medical care will be affected. According to our brother site Newsone, the ruling also hands President Obama a campaign-season victory in rejecting arguments that Congress went too far in requiring most Americans to have health insurance or pay a penalty.
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Chief Justice John Roberts went against his fellow justices and announced the judgment that allows the law to go forward with its aim of covering more than 30 million uninsured Americans. So what does this mean for women? Obamacare will reform our nation’s costly and unfair health insurance market and will be the greatest legislative advancement for women’s health!
Check out the top reasons why we, as women should be in support of Obamacare:
1. Coverage Of Preventive and Essential Services For Women
Women’s health issues could fill up an entire medical encyclopedia, so Obamacare’s plan ensuring coverage for preventive and essential services is supreme. Things like gestational diabetes checks (or any prenatal care), HPV/STD/HIV testing, STD counseling, contraceptive counseling, breastfeeing counseling/support and screening for domestic violence and maternity care–among other women’s medical services will be completely covered. Preventive services that have strong evidence of their health benefits must be covered and plans can no longer charge a patient a copayment, coinsurance or deductible for these services when they are delivered by a network provider. I’d say that was a plus.
2. Eliminates Gender Discrimination By Health Insurance Companies
It’s been reported that gender discrimination by health insurance companies cost women $1 billion a year. How is it possible that insurance companies can go around charging women more than men with the same procedure? The practice is called gender rating and The Affordable Care Act eliminates gender rating, requires all plans to provide maternity coverage and prohibits sex discrimination in health plans from insurance companies that receive federal funds or are conducted by the federal government. In your face insurance company big wigs! I had no clue they were even overcharging women!
3. Provides Available Health Care For Women And Families
Health insurance is a big issue for mothers and children. Women use health care services at higher rates on behalf of themselves and their families. Obamacare has already eliminated the practice of “rescission,” (voiding coverage after a policyholder gets sick). It also prohibits insurers from denying coverage to children under age 19 because of pre-existing conditions. Young adults can now stay on a parent’s plan up to age 26–which in our troubled economy, can only be a benefit. Obamacare prohibits insurers from denying coverage to children under age 19 because of pre-existing conditions. And adult children can now stay on a parent’s plan up to age 26, an especially helpful provision in this tough economy, where finding a job with benefits is challenging.
We’re excited about Obamacare being implemented. How are you feeling about it? Let’s discuss on Twitter @HelloBeautiful and @Rhapsodani.

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