The Bold & The Beautiful [PLUS SIZE SHORTS]

I love wearing shorts. I’m one of those girls that’s in love with her thick, long legs. I like them short, but once in a while, a longer pair will tickle my fancy. That’s just what these coolots did. I loved them as soon as I spotted them on the rack at Goodwill.

I’m a stickler for shopping for whatever ticket is half off at Goodwill for the day. These shorts happened to have a blue ticket, which was the color of discount! They were $5.99 for half off! The shorts are by Sag Harbour.

I paired them with a yellow top from one of my top secret faves–the dollar store near my gym. Yes, you read that right. The top was 99 cents. It’s from Fitting Image. Expect to see a lot more of those 99 cent tops. I don’t think the dollar store that I go to knows that they have and they just put out clothes they get in shipments. Oh well. More for me!

I finished the look with teal feather erraings by way of Rainbow for $3.99 and the purple sandals are from Avenue for about $20. I kept the accesories simple because I wanted to make sure the shorts popped. And they did–bold & beautiful!


Do you like wearing longer shorts?

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